Things I like.

University is hard. The professors talk really fast and expect you to keep up while taking notes and listening and trying to comprehend all the big words they’re using. Not to mention the fact that you have to WALK everywhere. And the significant lack of Starbucks on campus just makes it that much worse.

So in an attempt to feel better about being here and keep things positive, I would like to present my list of things that I LOVE about this place.

1. The food in our cafeterias.

HOLY CRAP it’s so good. Between the three cafeterias that are a 2 minute walk away from my room, everything is somewhat healthy and delicious. There are also a lot of really good vegetarian and vegan options. This is a wrap that I had the other night, and it was amazing. Freshman 15? I don’t think so.


2. These people.

I was incredibly concerned about making friends this year, coming from a completely new province and knowing virtually no one. I’m so lucky to have found these three girls, who I live really close to and are all incredibly amazing.


3. The ocean.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.




That’s all for now, because I really should get back to studying (that’s another thing I don’t like about university). Things are getting easier, just as classes are getting harder.

Till next time.


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