Second Year.

I am resurrecting this blog not for the purpose of writing for others to read, but rather to reflect with myself (albeit in a more public way than a journal or something similar). Now that my second year of university has (almost!) come to a close, I felt the need to look back on it. This year […]

One week!!

I can’t believe I’m going home in a week. This last month has been an absolute blur – and while it’s had it’s ups and downs, the positives have for sure outweighed the negatives. I actually really like it here (except for the weather that can’t make up its mind, seriously) but I miss home […]

Spur of the moment ideas

There are some things I think you really have to do in university. This is not one of them. But we did it anyway. Earlier today, I felt this very strange urge to completely dye my hair a different colour. I was thinking black… sort of Snow White-esque, you know? After playing around with a […]

Five Days.

I have lived in Calgary for longer than I can even remember – almost my whole life – and I’ve only ever left for a couple weeks, at most. This Thursday I am packing away as much as my plastic bins can hold and moving out west, way on the coast. Now, don’t get me […]